Preparing for Your Online Reiki Session

Achieving harmony in your body, mind, and soul is the primary goal of your Reiki session. Given that the session is virtual, a bit of pre-planning can enhance your experience significantly. Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively:

  1. Clarify Your Intentions

Identifying your goals for seeking Reiki will help you set a clear objective for your session. Think of your intention as the guiding purpose of your session. It could be anything you hope to achieve or feel during and after the treatment. This intention will focus the flow of Reiki energy on the areas that matter most to you, promoting better awareness and balance. You can choose from a sample list of intentions or create your own to bring to your session.

  1. Select a Comfortable Location

Choose a quiet and comfortable place for your Reiki treatment. The ideal spot should allow you to recline comfortably without interruptions. Avoid sitting upright in a chair; instead, opt for a position where you can be fully or partially reclined to help your mind and body relax. Once you have chosen your spot, arrange it in a way that feels unique, soothing, or spiritually significant to you. Light a candle or incense, and surround yourself with items that hold personal or spiritual value. This is your sacred space.

  1. Ensure Equipment Functionality

Before your session starts, make sure all your devices, such as your computer, tablet, phone, and headphones, are working properly. If you need to prop up a device during the session, ensure it can be done securely so it won’t fall. It’s crucial that your Reiki practitioner can see and hear you clearly, so position your camera appropriately. For the best audio experience, especially for any guided meditations during the session, use earbuds or headphones.

  1. Be Open to the Reiki Experience

Relaxation and openness are key to the success of your virtual Reiki session. Trust your Reiki practitioner, who is skilled in facilitating relaxation. Simply follow their guidance and allow yourself to be receptive to the experience. After the session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your experiences with the practitioner, as well as address any other topics that might be beneficial for you at that moment.

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