Reflection on the Semester

I gained a lot from this course. At the beginning of the semester, I believed in myself and was confident that I would achieve a lot from the course. Initially, I struggled with my English assignments, particularly with grammar. However, with guidance from the instructor, I learned to organize my thoughts and improved throughout the semester, ultimately achieving my goals. The course helped me adjust to campus life and taught me how to navigate college successfully to achieve greater success.

One significant lesson I learned during this course was how to relate to other people. Before the course, I was very shy and preferred staying by myself to avoid interactions. I felt bad about my personality and had few friends. This course helped me connect with others, including staff, campus services, and faculty. I learned a lot about campus expectations, career and life planning, test-taking, study skills, and many other things that will benefit me during my time on campus.

Study skills were particularly important during the semester, and I am prepared to use this information in other courses as well. Having excellent study skills will help me achieve my educational goals because I now know how to plan and study effectively. The course taught me how to create an appropriate learning environment, which includes a tidy workspace, limited noise, and a comfortable setting. I also learned to avoid unnecessary distractions to maintain a good learning environment.

When studying, I ensure that the radio and TV are off, and if I need background noise, I prefer classical music. One strategy I am likely to remember and always use is developing a schedule. I understand that to manage my education, I need to create a schedule for assignments, classes, and other important dates. I will always set aside time for studying and completing project work. This strategy will help me avoid scrambling to finish assignments and projects at the last minute.

To progress in the course, I participated in all class activities and attended classes on time. Class participation was crucial, and I learned a lot from students with different backgrounds. I improved my listening and communication skills by engaging in discussions with other students and asking questions. These skills will be extremely helpful during my time on campus, enabling me to participate in class discussions confidently and without fear. Overall, this course has been invaluable in preparing me to succeed in college.

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