What adjustments must be taken into account for the Asian education system?

It is often said that a report card reflects a child’s academic merit. When parents gather to collect the progress report at the end of the year, they learn about their child’s academic progress. However, is it truly appropriate to evaluate a child’s abilities based on a few numbers on a report card? This method can hardly encapsulate the child’s true potential. A mere report card cannot convey the full spectrum of a child’s capabilities. There is a need for a change in the basic educational pattern that promotes better learning.

A Shift Toward Research-Based Learning

The term “education” originates from the Latin word “educo,” meaning “I lead, I learn, and then I spread.” Education should emphasize learning over mere academic scores. Incorporating practical learning processes into the curriculum is essential. Children should be encouraged to engage in research-based studies, which foster self-learning. Research opens the door to multiple subjects simultaneously, promoting a holistic learning experience.

Rethinking the Concept of Exams

The concept of ranking is prevalent in schools, where top students are often celebrated, leaving others feeling inadequate. This can have a detrimental impact on students who do not achieve top ranks, leading to feelings of incompetence and self-loathing, as noted by child psychologists worldwide. In primary schools, this issue is particularly pronounced as young children, unable to express themselves as adults do, are often neglected. It’s crucial not to put children in competitive situations that lead to stress and negative self-perception. Instead, education should focus on personal growth and learning rather than competition. If you are an advocate for change in the traditional educational system, consider exploring Torhea Education.

Looking West for Educational Inspiration

Asian countries are increasingly looking to the West for educational inspiration. However, the goal is not to imitate Western educational models but to integrate Western perspectives into their stringent educational frameworks. Education in Asia can be excessively strict, high-pressured, stressful, and stifling.

Emphasizing True Learning

Education is about what you learn, not the few digits on a report card. A more holistic approach to education, focusing on research-based learning and personal development rather than competition, is essential for fostering a positive learning environment for children.

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